About Elaine

I believe we all have a responsibility to do our very best for everyone that we come into contact with.

Life can sometimes be very painful but also a complete joy. We should surround ourselves with good friends, books, music and art. All of this should inspire and fulfill us in ways that truly touch our heart.

My first love is portraiture and I am particularly interested in using natural light & shadows to enhance my images.

I am particularly interested in working with women and I am constantly striving to create images of women that celebrates the sensual side of their personalities and emotions. Most important of all is that my images convey the respect I have for my fellow females.

I also enjoy social documentary in an era that appears so focused on the growth of the technological age, I seek to re-awaken the truth about humanity all its array of expressions, emotions, strengths and vulnerabilities. I aim to capture the essence of the person behind every face and image. I seek to deliver their movement, in order that I may share a fraction of their story. One person, one picture, one journey.

“My World My Story” Insight Photography from Elaine Stapleton on Vimeo.

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