In July┬áthis year Insight worked in conjunction with the charity Tanzed to deliver the “My World My Story” Project. This International project enabled the participants to use photography to record their personal experiences with a simple digital camera. The young people who took part in this project ranged from age 5 to 15.

img_0046web.jpgThe Project encouraged the young people who previously had no voice in their ccommunity to share their stories and identities with their neighbours locally and Internationally. The project helped individuals visualise and express the different aspects of their daily lives. These workshops culminated in an exhibition where the whole community were invited.

My World My Story left the skills and equipment to enable the participants to record their culture and everyday life for future generations. These skills will also enable them to take the lead role in shaping their future and also to raise interest in and awareness of photography in general.

I these challenging times it is imperative that we express our common human experience to ensure that we promote empathy and understanding of these culturally distant communities and bridge the gap between the ethnic, gender and class divide.

All the images below were taken by the participants

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