img_8542-web.jpgThree hundred Merseyside women share their reason for hope. A month long exhibition of inspirational images and words from women aged 15 to 85 across Merseyside inspired by International Womens Day. All have been photographed on Polaroid film and have written a description of what gives them hope underneath their portrait.

In a time when the world is full of negativity I think it’s important to express what gives us hope. I believe that women are funny, sensitive, thoughtful, nuturing and much much more! We are brave, savvy, and enterprising but most of all our caring spirit can heal most woes. There is no doubt that life can be tough right now but if we take small steps filled with hope each day things can only get better.

So what gives Elaine hope? “It is hope that has help me seize the moment and take the inward journey towards finding my authentic self. A journey that coninues to be full of scary truths, hard decisions, tears but best of all great friendships, unbelievable opportunities and a future that I can only dare to dream about”

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