2008-09-06_1868w.jpgYour story will be documented in a series of natural and candid images. It is my reportage style together with a background in the arts that gives my images a unique creative flavour. My aim is to capture the atmosphere and the emotion of your day without distracting you and your guests leaving you free to relax and enjoy your civil partnership.   …Read more

BIG Thanks to Jackie Crozier and her PRIDE team for a brilliant ten days of fun, near nervous breakdowns, complete exhaustion but most of all a lot of laughs. It was great to work with you all!  – Roll on next year

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Liverpool my home city, a city full of characters, brilliant architecture and great music.

Why would anyone live anywhere else?  …Read more


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child1.jpgIn a recent trip to Peru I had the privilege of meeting many people from all walks of life, all of us with one common goal – to reach the top of Machu Picchu (The Lost City of the Inca’s) and raise as much money for Age Concern as we could.

A donation was also made to the local school, where many of the porters that helped us during the walk, lived with their families. This money will be used to create a safe play area at the school, for the local children. …Read more


Our aim is to make you feel at your ease because we believe that is when the best images are captured.  All photography will take place in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. Alternatively we can go with you on location to that special place that you and your partner enjoy most. “When a portrait evokes a feeling, then you’ve got something.  Technique isn’t really important. What I want is a believable moment” – Bert Stern

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