event001.jpgAt Insight we offer a full event and party photography service. We will attend your event and produce a complete set of images that will reflect the experience of the occasion. …Read more

img_4312web.jpgChill Out Sundays are a series of inclusive photography workshops that give the opportunity to unwind, meet new friends and explore your creativity.

Workshops are delivered in different inspiring locations which offer a wealth of opportunity to capture fabulous images. Scrumpitous Sunday lunches at handpicked restaurants across the northwest are included. The lunches give a chance to chill-out and receive feedback on how your work is progressing.

img_0002web.jpgWorking with a group of young children from a local nursery the SNAP project focused on giving children an opportunity to “Have a Go”, have fun and play with imagery. A PowerPoint presentation was created of the images taken by the children. The presentation was then shown to the children and staff where the participants discussed what they liked best about each image.

img_0072-web.jpg This project was a partnership between The Five Children & Family Centre. Six Dads and myself. The aim of this project was to promote positive inclusion in their community and specifically in The Five Children & Family Centre; through a series of workshops the dads had a opportunity to work to a brief that allowed them to explore the different genres of photography. …Read more

This course consisted of five evening workshops. This course offered the opportunity for women to meet new people and have fun in a safe and encouraging environment, and explore simple techniques to take great photographs.

Participants attending this course were not only enhancing their own photography skills, but also helping other women. All profits were used to fund further arts training for women from disadvantaged backgrounds, Insight Photography’s sister company, the social enterprise “Arts for Women”.

…Read more

In July this year Insight worked in conjunction with the charity Tanzed to deliver the “My World My Story” Project. This International project enabled the participants to use photography to record their personal experiences with a simple digital camera. The young people who took part in this project ranged from age 5 to 15.

…Read more

img_0009web.jpgIn July this year I had the privilege to work and meet many inspiring people. In particular the young people I worked with made me laugh out loud one minute and cry the next. Most of all, I learnt to really appreciate the importance of being part of a caring community. I hope my images have done my new friends justice.

…Read more

001.jpgBoudoir photography is about implied sensuality rather than explicit nudity to be sexually provocative and about capturing the beauty that every woman possesses. The image will portray your beauty in stunning photograph’s that you and your loved one will treasure for many years to come. …Read more

Here is a small sample of the Gay and Lesbian images. …Read more

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