Come & see the girls at Insight Photography who have lost the plot & reduced all their display prints to £50…buy now before it’s too late!

The sun is shining, life is good so come along & see the girls from Insight Photography & let us capture your inner smile…we love u all x

Come & see Di, the gobby blonde scouser 2 find out more & see what great last day sales we have on our wonderful images!!

So not only hav I been chatted up without evening knowing it I have made some total blunders but all harmless although very funny!!

Being the ‘token straight’ girl of the team I hav had my eyes opened 2 so many things…some weird but almost all of them wonderful!!

I am bringing u all the daily ‘Twit’ 4 Insight Photography @ Manchester Pride!! We have had a fab weekend & the atmosphere has been awesome.

Party time is only 2 day away 😉 …

Not long to go now! If you like this image come and visit the Insight stall at Pride & buy your own copy…

Aint nature beautiful? My dog is very cute also :)…

@mrjonesy great film!!

Dorothy’s Cards feature on My Lesbian will be available for all our fellow ‘Twitterers’ to listen to on iTunes at the weekend!!

Hot off the press…My Lesbian in Florida USA have chosen Dorothy’s Cards website as a feature for their live chat show tonight!!

Team Insight do champagne cocktails in Brighton…

The Insight team had a brilliant time at Pride yesterday, thanks to all the awesome people we met during the day…you all made it special!!

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