Choose the city and come and join the Kissing without Prejudice party on World Aids day 1st Dec.

Images will be projected from Taurus Bar in Manchester and the Liverpool Centre for Arts simultaneously.

Team insight hit the mobo awards

Kissing without Prejudice photography project picks up pace. More info coming soon

@Mighty_Minto Hi Ruta. Would you up for joining my photography project. Kissing without Prejudice. Heathers on board. Images to show 1dec

@therealgokwan now you can’t come to Liverpool and not let me take your image. That would just be too rude

@therealgokwan come on Gok it’s time you joined Kissing Without Prejudice. You know you want too…

@GayTimesMag do you know how I can get hold of Diva Fever. They would be great for my project. Kissing without Prejudice on world aids day

@therealgokwan good luck today. But kissing without prejudice is still waiting for you to share your kiss…

@therealgokwan taurus bar is the place to be Speak to Iain and sign up for Kissing without Prejudice Just one small kiss what’s the harm?

OMG Girls you are going to love the lovely lady that has just signed up for Kissing Without Prejudice. I wish I could tell you. Not long now

What a beautiful day to Kiss Without Prejudice. More fantastic news to share with you all about my project very very soon…

@therealgokwan you have challenged us for yrs to get our bangers out. I challenge you join kissing without prejudice. Is only a kiss…

Me and my dog are shattered. Roll on a day off

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