When was the last time you kissed in public?

I have created a number of portraits for my photography exhibition
“Kissing without Prejudice”.

The exhibition will raise public awareness, provide a platform to celebrate our strength and diversity and breakdown some of the major barriers that surrounds HIV and the LGBT community.

Stigma and discrimination relating to who we love, how we look, or who we are, are the biggest barriers that face our community, and why many people are still afraid to live their lives openly and with pride.

So what better day than World AIDS Day to challenge these negative attitudes …Read more

@Nicksy is soon to be Kissing without Prejudice. Lets Act Aware!!

@heatherpeace Youre never alone… just close your eyes and think of all your friends. That will make you smile and warm inside :)

@Nicksy Im with Iain tom. Can we do next thursday for your photo and show? x

@Nicksy When are you about for a chat and shoot???

@jackiecrozier @heatherpeace Well if you were as organised as Ms Peace :) How about next week?

Ok time, date and location of shoot for @heatherpeace is now confirmed. Kissing without Prejudice here we come…

Manchester Prides festival director @jackiecrozier is now Kissing without Prejudice…

Choose the city and come and join the Kissing without Prejudice party on World Aids day 1st Dec.

Images will be projected from Taurus Bar in Manchester and the Liverpool Centre for Arts simultaneously.

At last! I can now announce that 100 images of the LGBT community Kissing without Prejudice will be projected in Manc & Lpool on 1st Dec.

@therealgokwan good morning. So are you brave enough to have your photo taken for Kissing without Prejudice? Come on you know you want too x

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