My Thank You’s

Thank you very much to all who have expressed their appreciation of my work. Your words and support are what makes it all worthwhile.To everyone that has acquired my images, Thank you, I am full of gratitude.

  • Annie and Hazel – Your friendship is priceless. You bring a smile to my face every-time I think of you both.
  • Kathy – For 15 years you have been my best friend. You have always been by my side – what more can I say.
  • Amanda – We have lived, loved and fought for almost a decade your honesty is sometimes brutal but always encouraging.
  • Lisa – You hold a very special place in my heart. You’re caring, you’re funny, you’re uncompromisingly blunt, but you’re also tender, compassionate and vulnerable. All of this and more is what makes you who you are. Big Thanks.
  • Kath, Debbie, Gemma, Tina – My very lovely models, Thanks a million without you guys I wouldn’t be where I am now!!
  • My Dog Obie – My cheerful, uncomplaining, ever grateful best friend.
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